Character Setting Details

Select of Faith that your character follows
The Silver Flame | The Sovereign Host | The Dark Six | The Blood of Vol | The Cults of the Dragon Below | The Path of Light | The Undying Court | Druidic Sects | The Spirits of the Past

DM recommends for Vampires:
-Be an atheist(a valid option in Eberron)
-Be a fair weather worshiper
-The Keeper (from the Dark Six)
-The Dark Six
-The Blood of Vol (Oh my god please please please select this as your character’s faith. It’s the faith where they worship Vampires. It was made for players to be Vampires.)
-NOT the Undying Court. NOT THE UNDYING COURT. Please, feel free to make any choice you like. NOT THE UNDYING COURT. (Actually, select this for some very interesting roleplaying. Must be an elf)

When you create a character for an Eberron campaign, you can enhance your character with rich background details from the world of Eberron. A background helps you shape your character’s history, outlook, and associations. Although you can choose as many background elements as you wish, most character backgrounds incorporate three categories.

Regional: Where is your character from? Is he or she an urbanite from Sharn, an academic from Aundair, or a farmer from the Eldeen Reaches?

Dragonmark: Does your character have a dragonmark? If so, is it an acknowledged or an aberrant mark? Is your character’s race one of those most frequently associated with the dragonmark? Is he or she connected with a dragonmarked house? Please Note: Normally, to select a Dragonmarked house background, one must have taken it’s respective Dragonmarked feat. However, Dragonmarks don’t work for the Undead, so, no need to have the original feat.

Other Background Elements: What other aspects of his or her life most strongly influenced your character? Was it race, occupation, or events from childhood? Was your character most shaped by his or her experiences in the Last War?

Regardless of how many background details you use, when you create a character, you choose one of the following benefits:

• Gain a +2 bonus to checks with one of the skills associated with your background.

• Add one skill associated with your background to your class’s skill list before choosing your trained skills.

Choosing where you live (your haven):
For a city of over 200,000 inhabitants, Sharn has plenty of housing. From apartments in its business districts to townhomes and estates in quieter residential neighborhoods, Sharn has places to live to match most tastes and every budget. Northedge has a reputation as the most residential of Sharn’s quarters, and its topmost levels (including the districts of Oak Towers, Crystal Bridge, and the elf neighborhood of Shae Lias) include some of the finest townhomes in the city. Middle Northedge has quiet townhomes that are less expensive than those in the upper districts, and Oakbridge contains some of the nicest middle-class housing in Sharn. Even the apartment districts in Lower Northedge are more pleasant than their lower-class status would indicate, maintaining something of a small-town feel within the bustle of the city. For those who prefer to live closer to the heart of the city, Mithral Tower (in Upper Central) features spectacular townhomes, and Platinate (in Upper Menthis) housing rates as only slightly less grand. Housing in the Highwater district (in Upper Dura) comes in as very affordable, while Ocean View (in Upper Tavick’s Landing) provides the most desirable and exclusive housing on the east side.

Of course, as a Vampire (or anyone really), you might elect to not live in a common residence, but listed below are the prices one might expect to pay for a residence.

Residence Cost
Upscale residence (rent) 2d8 ×10 gp/month
Average residence (rent) 1d4 ×10 gp/month
Poor residence (rent) 1d4 gp/month
Upscale residence (buy) 2d8 ×2,500 gp
Average residence (buy) 1d4 ×1,500 gp
Poor residence (buy) 1d4 ×100 gp

Character Setting Details

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